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Multimode Fiber Cable

Multimode Fiber Cable
Multimode Fiber Cable
lc12 core
Multimode fiber jumper1 is the fiber that transmits multiple modes at a given working wavelength. When the geometric size of the fiber is much larger than the wavelength of the light wave, there will be dozens or even hundreds of propagation modes in the fiber. Different propagation modes have different propagation speeds and phases, resulting in time delay and widening of optical pulse after long-distance transmission. As a result, the bandwidth of the multi-mode fiber Narrows and its transmission capacity is reduced. Therefore, the multi-mode fiber is only suitable for optical fiber communication with small capacity.
Multimode Fiber Cable refers to: when the diameter of the fiber is large, it can allow light to penetrate and propagate at multiple incident angles, then it is called Multimode fiber jumper.
Multimode Fiber Cable
 There are two connection modes for Multimode Fiber Cable: SC connection and LC connection. The SC connection is a common optical fiber connection. It is easy to plug in and out and stable to connect. LC connection mode is more compact, suitable for high-density fiber connection.
When using Multimode Fiber Cable, some problems need to be noted. First of all, it is necessary to choose the appropriate type and length of Multimode Fiber Cable to ensure the stability and quality of optical signal transmission. Secondly, attention should be paid to the cleaning and protection of optical fibers during connection to avoid optical fiber interface pollution and damage.
In short, Multimode Fiber Cable is a kind of high speed, low loss, high stability fiber connection device, can meet the requirements of high speed data transmission. Select the right type and length, and clean and protect the optical fiber.
01 OM2 Multimode Fiber Cable
OM2 Multimode Fiber Cablewas created in 1988. It is a 50/125 mm graded index multimode fiber. It from the standard and design are based on the LED LED mode, low bandwidth requirements, with LED for 100Mbit/s and lower rate transmission.
The core diameter and numerical aperture are small, which can effectively reduce the mode dispersion of Multimode Fiber Cable, increase the bandwidth significantly, and reduce the production cost by 1/3.
02 OM3 Multimode Fiber Cable
With the commercialization of 850nm Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser (VCSEL), it has rapidly become the main light source for Multimode Fiber Cable communication systems. VCSEL laser spot size is about 30um, has the advantages of good stability, long life, low price and so on.
In order to improve the capacity and distance of the 850nm VCSEL laser based Multimode Fiber Cable transmission system, OM3 Multimode Fiber Cable was developed.
The optical fiber is optimized to achieve the optimum wavelength bandwidth at 850nm.
OM3 Multimode Fiber Cable regulate the"effective mode bandwidth"to ensure the fiber's transmission performance when using VCSEL lasers. The OM2 Multimode Fiber Cable has no requirement for"effective mode bandwidth".
03 OM4 Multimode fiber jumper
OM4 Multimode fiber jumper is a modified version of OM3. It was created in 2009 and has a wider modal bandwidth and better performance than OM3 Multimode fiber jumper. OM4 Multimode fiber jumper  is the most widely used medium for 40/100G transmission.
The effective bandwidth developed for VSCEL laser transmission is more than double that of OM3. OM4 is optimized on the basis of OM3 for better performance.
04 OM5 Multimode fiber jumper
OM5 Multimode fiber jumper is a laser-optimized Multimode Fiber Cable with broadband characteristics specified for wavelength division multiplexing. OM5 fiber jumper is also known as broadband Multimode fiber jumper, which is suitable for high bandwidth applications. It uses the wavelength division multiplexing technology of single-mode fiber to extend the range of wavelengths available for network transmission, and can support four wavelengths on a single core of Multimode Fiber Cable, reducing the number of fiber cores required to a quarter of the previous.
Parameter comparison
01 OM2/OM3/0M4OM5 Comparison of parameter specifications
1. OM2 refers to the 50um or 62.5um multi-mode fiber with 850/1300nm full injection bandwidth above 500/500MHz.
2, OM3 is 850nm laser optimized 50um core diameter Multimode fiber jumper, in the use of 850nm VCSEL 10Gb/s Ethernet, fiber transmission distance can reach 300m;
3. OM4 is an upgraded version of OM3 multi-mode fiber, and the transmission distance of the fiber can reach 550m.
4. The OM5 Multimode fiber jumper increases the effective mode bandwidth (EMB) at 850nm to, and at 880nm to 8000MHZ.
02 Comparison of functions and features of OM2/OM3/0M4/OM5
1. OM2: The core diameter and numerical aperture are relatively small, which effectively reduces the mode dispersion of Multimode fiber jumper, significantly increases the bandwidth, and reduces the production cost by 1/3;
2, OM3: the flame retardant skin, can prevent the spread of flame, prevent smoke, acid gas and gas, and meet the needs of 10 gb/s transmission rate;
3, OM4: the wavelength is generally 850/1310nm, one time can only support 1 wavelength;
4. OM5: The wavelength of OM5 fiber jumper is generally 850/1300nm, and at least 4 wavelengths can be supported once.
03 Comparison of Transmission functions of OM2/OM3/0M4OM5
Jumper selection
OM3 and OM4 cables are typically used in data center wiring environments to support 10G or even 40/100G high-speed Ethernet.

OM5 Multimode Fiber Cable support traditional applications as well as OM3/OM4 fiber jumpers, and are fully compatible and interoperable with OM3 and OM4 Multimode Fiber Cable.