PLC Splitter 1x8 SC/PC

PLC Splitter 1x8 SC/PC
PLC Splitter 1x8 SC/PC
1x8 SC / PC
Fiber Opitc PLC Splitter 1x8 With SC / PC Connectors
PLC Splitter 1x8 SC/PC(PLC Splitter) is a kind of integrated waveguide optical power distribution device based on quartz substrate.
PLC Splitter 1x8 SC/PC has the characteristics of small size, wide working wavelength range, high reliability, good spectral uniformity and so on. It is especially used in passive optical network (EPON, GPON, etc.) to connect the local terminal and terminal equipment and realize optical signal shunt. We provide a full range of 1×N and 2×N products, and tailor optical splitters for various occasions.
PLC Splitter 1x8 SC/PC is one of the important passive optical devices in optical fiber links.PLC Splitter 1x8 SC/PC has one or more input terminals and several output terminals. The three most important components of the optical fiber array are input, output and chip. The design and assembly of these three components play an important role in the stable and normal operation of the PLC optical shunt.